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Meridian Media is a proud Australian business, newly created in 2020 that already has a strong reputation in the digital marketing landscape, which includes cinematography, social, advertising, website development and branding service areas. We are a prestige marketing and digital agency delivering excellence through our commitment and perseverance to digital communication. We pride ourselves on being innovative, meticulous in our approach and technologically sophisticated. We value our client relationships and will continue to conduct our business affairs, adhering to our highest moral and ethical standards. Our Commitment is to provide an extensive and worthy service by sustaining an enriching delivery through reliability and teamwork.

Our Vision is to empower business’ through ingenuity, innovation and creativity. Bound by no limits.

Committed to Excellence


Core Values


Our roots and passion for family, quality, creativity and success, joins us as a whole – being united. We are undivided, complete as one, a driving force to be reckoned with. United with our team, clients and partners; working together to achieve the goals and objectives of the business to achieve success.


Trust is both a cause and an effect of company culture. Trusting in someone means that you think they are reliable; you have confidence in them, and you feel safe with them physically and emotionally. We strive to build trustworthy relationships with all whom we work with.


We highly value our integrity and live-in accordance to our core values, we’re honest with everyone, and we always keep our word. Accountability in all that we do.


We value honesty; sincerity is the quality of being honest, true and real. We are genuine and free of deceit or falseness. We are sincere, serious and honest, we are patient, have compassion, we’re kind, considerate and truthful.


The services offered and people represented by the Meridian Media brand, rely on us to ensure their brands are perceived in the best possible light and align with their own business values, we’re committed to ensuring our customers can continue to depend on us.


Amazing Partners


Meet the Team

Fouad Arnaout

Managing Director

“To maintain and strengthen the Meridian Media brand, all that our organisation does must be consistent and based on our values and promises, empowering businesses through ingenuity, innovation and creativity.”

Fouad Arnaout

Managing Director

Fouad Arnaout

Managing Director

Fouad Arnaout

Managing Director

Fouad Arnaout

Managing Director

Fouad Arnaout

Managing Director


Key Quotes

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand and the rest to be provided as we get them Ro doluptatem etur, officat aspersperor rem im que nihiciu”


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